Editing and joining VOB files

I have a dvd of boxing matches. The dvd (not copyprotected) consists of a few VOB files. Each VOB file may hold more than 1 fight or parts of a few fights. For example, one VOB file(#1) is of a fight from round 1 to the middle of round 4. The next VOB file(#2) is from the middle of round 4 of that same fight to the end. This VOB file(#2) also contains rounds 1 to 3 of a different fight. What I want to do is edit the second VOB file(#2) so that it only consists of the middle of round 4 to the end of the fight. I then want to join VOB file #1 and #2 to have the whole fight in one VOB file. I can easily put the VOB files onto my hard drive, but whenever I try to convert the VOB files into MPEG format, it looses the audio. Can someone tell me what to do in order to accomplish my goal? Am I correct by wanting to convert to MPEG?

Use ReJig in IFO Mode to demux your A/V into seperate streams. You should end up with one audio and video file for each “movie” you select. Then use Cuttermaran to cut the A/V into pieces. Then mux the M2V and audio back together to .mpg/VOB, or use the newly created files to author a new DVD.

Thanks, I’ll try it. One more question. Once I’ve finished cutting the A/V and mux the m2v and audio for both “movies” how do I join the two “movies” to make one file?

The best way is to use Womble MPEG VCR (which is shareware).
FileMerger will also join vob’s and is freeware. It’s not something I use all the time, but usually works.
scroll down to VOB Tools. Just add your files, and set output to have a .vob extension rather than .dat.

I’ll give it a shot…Thanks for all your help.

NeroVision Express in Make DVD Video mode will allow you to add all VOBs, edit each, join them, create a menu and then output to DVD…30mins it should take.

Nerovision did the job…Thanks