Editing an m2v file - what program to use? just adding embedded subs



Hi all
I have a large m2v file that I want to embed some subtitles into.
The subs are for a short (<2 min) duration and I want to embed them into the video stream rather than creating separate subtitles. The result will be burned to DVD along with its corresponding ac3 audio file using DVD lab.

Is there any video editing program that can do this directly, or would I need to remux the audio/video into an mpeg file (mpeg 1 or 2 for dvd???)

If I have to remux, whats the best way to do so without loss of quality when I reencode for the DVD???





i use DVDmaestro for remuxing .m2v, .ac3 and my own .stl (subtitle) and experience NO loss at all. It is not easy to use but there are guides (on the doom9 website)

But i too am looking for a program to edit the .m2v (Got an m2v longer than the ac3 ripped from same .vobs ?!)