Editing after copying from VHS

I have a stack of VHS tapes I want to copy to DVD, I am recording onto a DVD-RW then using DVD Shrink to try and get rid of the " video Calibration " message that shows up a couple of times, after editing the video the sound is still at the start, How do I fix this?, is there another editing software that peps here use? can I record without the " Video Calibration " message showing up?
Thanks in advance…drummond

I thought for sure I would get some answers here, a well thats life…drummond

Many people recommend Ulead products, especially DVD movie Factory (aka DVDMF). I don’t use it but I didn’t want you to feel abandoned.

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Thanks for that encouragement jeff53404.What do you use, how do you get past the " Video Calibration " …drummond



Hey Drum,
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I’m not sure what you mean by video calibration message! I’ve converted lots of vhs tapes, and never got this message. Please give me more information about what type of video’s you are talking about, and exactly what process and software(s) you are using.

Thanks for the reply harley2ride,
I am using a lite-on 5005, with the firmware changed to get over the protection on the VHS tapes, I have it hooked up to my VHS recorder and am transfering from the tapes to DVD-RW, on the first few I done I got The message " Video Calibration " at the start, which I could edit out using DVD Shrink, now I find it showed up about 5 minutes into the recording also, so I edit out more to get rid of this second message in DVD shrink and find the sound/video is out of sinc,
all I needed to know is how others using the lite-on 5005 are doing there recordings and what software to edit they are using…drummond

Take a look in the DVD RECORDER forum. They address issues in there which are specific to LITE-ON issues… I don’t use that method, so I wouldn’t be much help.

The “video calibration” message comes from the VHS player, not the DVD recorder. That’s the VHS player re-setting the tracking. Probably the tape was recorded on another machine, this is a common issue. I’ll further assume that it’s a JVC VHS machine, in which case you have settings for using the machine as a dubbing player. You should be able to set the tracking manually and shut that off. There may also be settings to turn off and on things like sharpness boost and auto-picture settings that can sometimes affect the recorded image on the DVD recorder. Consult your VHS player manual for the proper settings in your situation.

Thank you harley2ride I will go look in the DVD recorder forum.
CDan yes it ia a JVC Super VHS machine, I did not know the calibration comes from the VHS side, I will definatly look at shutting it off. Thank you for the reply…drummond

I have 2 of these, and I recognized the message. :wink:
There’s a whole slew of settings for use or non-use when you are using the VHS for a source in editing. The manual outlines them pretty well. Also, these are one of the best available VHS machines for editing, IMHO. :iagree: Mine makes even crappy old tapes look pretty good.

Yes I am also pleasently surprised at the good quality I get. I am trying a conversion with and without Video Conversion to see if there is a difference.
Again thanks for your help…drummond

Thank you for posting this