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Completly new to all this. My recorder is the Lite on 5005 third one and it seems to be ok.I record to DVD+RW and I want to view on my PC and if I decide to keep how do I go about geting rid of the adverts.Thanks in advance
Stan35. :bow:


I rip the dvd in file mode with DVDDecrypter and then edit with Nero (vision express 2).
Not difficult and with practice can be fairly quick as well.


I second the above that’s how I do it, Nero vision express a bit fiddly at first
But once your used to it quite quick


I actually prefer to use Nero Recode to do the same thing as it is generally much faster than Nero Vision Express (Recode rips and re-authors at the same time). Nero Recode retains all chapters (albeit at fixed time intervals - there is no facility to detect scenes). With NVE you have to fiddle around with chapters as well, but you have more flexibility where you set tem

I normally use the remake a DVD option, and then select the program I want to transfer to my PC. If you have several programs, you can select each one as you require.

One minor downside to Recode is that you can’t set up menus. Thus if you have two programs (two Titles), you end up with one following the next on the DVD (much like two programs on a video tape).

Thus your DVD player needs to have the ability to jump to a second title (you can do this with the Liteon and most players, but I am not sure if all offer this facility). If it doesn’t have this facility (rare I think), it would play the first program followed by the second, and you would have to fast forward through the first program.

Personally, I think the major speed advantage of Recode outweighs the lack of authoring flexibility (It would be great if they could combine Recode and Nero Vision Express together - then we’d be talking!)

Of course, Nero Recode will only rip unencrypted files. I use AnyDVD (about £25/$40) to enable Recode to rip encrypted DVDs. If you don’t want to pay for this facility, DVDDEcrypter or DVD Shrink are good packages (although DVD Shrink is no longer being developed as far as I understand). For more information, I would visit some other the other excellent forums in clunb.cdfreaks.com.


I use TMPGenc DVD Author 1.6 to edit the ads out of my recordings, also with the optional ac3 plugin for the program I convert the audio to dolby digital 2.0 at the same time. Is a really simple program to use, even for a novice, & it’s quick


I use DVDdecryptor to get it to the PC and then I use NeroVision3 to edit (commericals out, chapters, transitions, wipes, fades, audio etc…). A short learning curve if you have ever used any editing software before! Then burn to DVD! Recode will work also as oilman says but you can do no editing.


Many thanks to all you guys for the advice will give it a try later to night.


Actually, that’s not quite true - Recode has limited editing which is useful for ad removal (but not much else). If you have a program say 1 hour long with (say) three ad breaks then you select the remake a DVD option and add the same program four times (the first takes 1-2 mins, repeating takes seconds), and then you simply select the start and end of each segment, and then recode.

You actually end up with four sequential titles (the merge titles function is useless) which play one after the other. You get about a 2-3 second pause between each title, but this is miniscule compared with time of adverts!

I find I can take a 1 hr program recorded at SP mode (2 hrs per DVd), rip it, remove ads, and reauthor as above in less than 30 mins. I then burn to DVD in 10-15 mins.


Thanks, I stand corrected, I just wasn’t thinking today! I should of said limited instead of none!


Couldn’t go to bed without trying it and it works great, except Recode2 will not let me rip? I get an “Internal error,cannot continue” message when I select “Title1” etc…? Anyway so I used DVD Decrypter works good! Recode2 is faster for just plain cutting out the commercials no fancy editing and burning! If you want the fancy menus, fades, wipes, audio etc… then use NeroVisionExpress3! I never thought of adding the titles more than once!! Thanks for the tip!!


Hi Had1,

Yeah - a lot of people are having problems getting Nero Recode to work, particularly with latest updates. I myself had to revert to a slightly older version. I suggest you visit the Nero Recode sub forum (within club.cdfreaks.com) to get more information. There is a DLL which seems to be interfering. You can rename it so it is bypassed but this disables the MPEG4 capability (which I rarely use anyway). The Nero Recode forum will help.

In any case, if you rip first to hard disk, you can then use Recode on that. Recoding from an already ripped version is mega-fast!

It is fastest if you have a second physical hard drive so one is reading, whilst the other is writing (simultaneous reading and wrinting on the same drive slows things down (only using 1 IDE channel rather than two plus heads moving around a lot more). I also probably adds significant wear and tear to the drive. (Note: there is no particular gain if you only have one drive with several partitions - the heads still have to move around a lot)


How low on the “%” can you go before you start seeing degrading/pixelation: 80%, 70% 60%??


The answer varies. If the video is fast moving, or recorded at a low bitrate, then you get degradation earlier. I never go below 70% at worst though. I have found if >85%then in most cases, I can barely tell the difference.

I rarely shrink a whole disk down. I usually just extract the main title and junk the rest (I take the view deleted scenes were deleted because they were C**P, and I can’t stand watching pompous directors/actors views of how wonderful they are). In most cases, the main title will fit on a single layer DVD with no or minimal compression.

If you have a several dual layer DVDs with say three episodes of a TV program, I tend to individually rip them to hard disk (using the remake a DVD option), and then recode two per DVD provided the degree of compression required is fairly low. If there’s four espisodes (say), then you can usually rip 2 to one single layer DVD and 2 to another, and no compression would be required.

I guess we are straying into Nero forum territory here. I would advise reading the Nero and Nero Recode forums, and read/ask the views of the (undoubtedly better) experts there.


I also have a liteon 5005, and run into the same error with DVD recorded from it when using Recode. I read from another forum that this appears to be a bug in Recode. I have tried several of the “fixes”, but none worked for me. I am using the latest release of NVE downloaded from Nero website.
If anyone has knows exactly how to fix this, please let me know. (also, do I need to reboot my pc after make the changes?)