Editing a iso (adding files) in mac os x

new to site and seeking help. Ok, here is the problem I have. I am trying to edit a dos boot disk (iso cd) to add some extra utilities (some .exe programs). I am using Mac OS X 10.5.7. I can mount and read the dos iso I downloaded however I can’t add to it and then burn. I’ve tried to use PowerISO, via a command-line tutorial. Ignorant as I am to the cl environment. I am failing and am lost as to properly accomplish the feat. I clicked and pasted when instructed to make entries to terminal. I am going bananas here. Please, someone help.

I have Toast to burn the disk, am using a cr-rw for the disk. I can mount and copy files to a folder. Unable to take the copied contents and make an iso due to my ignorance level…Please, again could someone provide the answer I need to finish this thing off?:o

Hmmm… Have you read up on the Mac’s Disk Utility program? Forget about Toast for the moment, Disk Utility should be able to do what you want.

I’ve tried , however disk utility only let’s one mount and burn. it mounts read only. I have mounted and copied the dos files and placed them in a folder on my desktop. I, also, added the extra .exe files I wanted in that same folder. I tried to use DU to burn and its output is useless. it can’t be booted.