Editing a DVD

I just received my wedding DVD from our videographer, and I’d like to edit it (take out a few things, as well as add).

I need to know if I should rip the dvd files to another format (if so, which format), or if there is a program that will allow me to edit the files as they are now in DVD format. Also - any suggestions on decent editing software (I have Roxio).

Thanks in advance!

There are numerous video editing softwares. None of them are click and use… They all have a learning curve. If you want to edit the dvd, you should find softwares which can edit MPEG2 files. There are quite a few of them. If you just want to cut out chapters, Womble MPEG DVD is pretty good, Ulead Studio and I belive that Pinnacle Studio (on the mid to low level), could do it, and then there are more professional and expensive softwares.

Do a bit of searching and browsing, then ask more specific questions…

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You might check DVD Shrink Reauthor mode Set Start/End Frames.