Editing a dvd with free software

Hi there everybody,
This is a general question at the moment so I’m not asking for detailed responses.

I have a DVD with karaoke songs on it and there is an error on one of the sub-menu`s. When you select a song the menu goes to the wrong place.
ie. selecting song 15 plays song 18 and selecting song 1 plays song 5 and so on.
I decided the easiest way to sort this out is to edit the submenu by renaming each title to the correct song name but I havent the first idea how to do it.
Also, I would quite like to customise the background when the disk is running.
Having searched the forum it would seem that DVD remake would be the choice but I dont want to pay $50 for such a simple task.

My question is simply is there any free software out there that could enable me to do this? or maybe could I do it using the software programs I have purchased already (tmpgenc, tmpgdvd author, mainconcept, nero 6)

If someone could point me in a direction I am happy enough to do my own digging.
thank you

IfoEdit possibly.

hi. thanks for the reply.
i have that installed as well! I`ll give it a go.

if anybody could help here i would be grateful.
basically i just want to edit an existing dvd menu.
i tried a few other programs.
~ dvd remake allows me to edit the menu link but not retitle it
~ ifoedit doesnt seem to be of any use
~ tmpgenc dvd author would kind of do the job but it would mean restructuring the whole disk and also there isnt provision for a page back button to be added
~ dvdlab also isn`t any use
~ nero 6 software would kind of do it but would involve trying to replicate what I have rather than simply editing the existing menu

can anyone suggest a program that might do it? maybe dvd remake pro has extra features that basic dvd remake doesnt have?

Re-title a complete menu???

i dont think im being clear! i’ll try and explain better.

basically i have a karaoke disk with about 20 songs on it.

the menu lists the songs from 1 to 20, then next to each number is the song title.
this is basically a dvd with 20 chapters. clicking the appropriate title takes you to the appropriate position on the dvd for that song…only it doesnt because whoever made the original disk has got the song titles jumbled up. so you click a title and you get a different song playing.

so what im trying to do is simply use some software to try and edit the chapter titlesin the menu so they reflect what will actually play when you hit the title. anybody help please?

This should be easy fix. Selecting one song takes you to a different song. All you do is fix the button link command in the menu to link to the correct chapter. I assume this is very simple navigation, with direct button command. DvdReMake Pro can do this easily. But since you’re asking for freeware, use PgcEdit. And it takes some time getting used to.

Go to the menu pgc containing this menu (look in the left window for #b, where # is the number of buttons in the menu). Hit Ctrl-M or click Menu button in the toolbar. Click on the button command, and modify it.

@ toaddub thanks for taking the time to reply. i dont want to alter the navigation for the following reason…

the order of the disk is correct. ie hitting title 1 plays chapter 1, hitting title 2 plays chapter 2, etc, etc.

by altering the navigation I will make the chapters play in the wrong order.
ie. hitting title 2 will jump to chapter 10. that solves the immediate problem but it will then continue on to chapter 11. so effectively if you start the disk at title 2 you won`t get title 3 following it, you will get title 11.

all I need to do is physically edit the name of the song held in the title field.
i hope this is clear. its quite confusing to explain.
thank you

It depends whether song title has highlights (changes when you select it) or not. These two guides should give you an idea what you can do: