Editing a DVD with DVD Architect Studio 3.0

Hello, i have no idea how to use this for what i’m doing. I have DVDs on my laptop already but i just want to change the buttons on the menu, When i bought this today i thought i could just remake a menu from my DVD that i already have. It seems that i can’t do that though and have to make the DVD from the beggining using the VOBs of my DVDs and putting them in as titles. The other problem is, is that with a DVD you can have one concert movie splitted down into several VOB files, it’s like that for most DVDs. But when i add them to this program they come out as if it’s several different movies when it’s the same thing. I downloaded this FF DVD and it has two shows on it, one show is splitted into seperate VOBS and the other is in one VOB (Also with a bunch of IFO, BUP files). Just like the original menu of this DVD, i just want to have two TEXT links to both shows. Is that possible with this program? thanks. :a

Go to www.videohelp.com, and search on editing vob’s and demuxing. There are a few different methods that will work, but some affect the quality of the final video more than others. Start there first!