Editing a DVD from 8mm?

If I copy my 8mm video tapes to dvd+RW by using a dvd recorder ( hooked up to my tv set) , then how would I edit it?

Do you have any editing software? That will determine the exact method you have to use…

No, I don’t have any software yet. The 8mm video is from my childrens birthday parties. I can copy the 8mm video to a dvd+rw on my Home stereo dvd recorder. How would I edit from the dvd? What software would you suggest?

Well, there’s a couple ways you could do it:

With minimal editing: Womble MPEG VCR can edit the .vob (dvd) files directly, once they are ripped to your hard drive. You could then create menus and author it with Nero.

For free: Demux the .vobs with VobEdit, edit with Cuttermaran, and author with DVDauthorgui. Demux means split the DVD file into separate video and audio streams (a .vob is the 2 combined).

Or you could get a software editing/authoring program like something from Ulead, Pinnacle, etc… then you would demux the .vobs and do everything else in that program.

There’s a lot of ways to go about doing this, but the basic steps are going to be the same regardless of what you use to do it.

You should be able to find all the programs I mentioned above through Google…


Couldn’t have sais it better But I would prefer the DVD lab std for authoring(15 day eval version available) and Nero for burning the DVD. Also before starting i would read the guides available at the sites of the softwares online. Otherwise could land up with a lot of coasters.

Hope this helps.