Edited jpgs do not show up on Camera SD card


I have a Canon G-6 7.1MP Power Shot Digital Camera. My sister has a Canon 8.0MP Elph Camera.

I use Photoshop to edit pictures that I take,and when finished, rename them like ie: Aaron 1, Aaron2, etc.
When I looked at her (SD) Secure Digital card’s images,or from my Compact Flash card in Photoshop, they are named IMG_0100, etc., But after renaming them and dragging them back over to her memory card for her to view and show her Family on her Camera, it states that they are “Incompatible Jpg Images”.

How do I rename these photos so they will display? Was it because some of these photos were first taken with her camera, dragged into Photoshop, cropped, edited, color balanced, then dragged back onto her memory card?

I even tried to name one of the new-edited files with the same file but the last one with the next higher number, Like if the last one was IMG_0118, I named it IMG_0119… but no dice!

I’m sure that I flattened all layers from a PSD file to a JPG file.

It’s me again.

I opened up the jpegs I got from my sisters Canon camera (SD870 IS) and somewhere I saw (EXIF_JPG) JPEG.

I forgot exactly where on my computer, I know on my camera I can save the image as a RAW or JPG,but usually I save as a Jpeg Image. Couldn’t find much on this file type on a search.