Edited AVI plays from hard drive but not CD



Hello everyone. I’m brand new to all this video editing/copying/burning stuff and I’m having a problem. I tried the search, but didn’t see anything specific to my problem.

Here’s the situation: I have 5 avi files from a camcorder. The files total ~75 MB. I need to copy these to a CD so I can distribute them to others for viewing.

The edited files play fine from the hard drive with WMP10. They also play fine from a USB jump drive. Tried using simple copy & paste through Windows Explorer to burn the files to CD-RW. When I try to play, WMP tells me it doesn’t have the right codecs. Tried same with original unedited file, same result. So it’s not an issue with the edits, it’s just a burning issue. I tried copying the 5 files straight to the disc and tried copying the folder with the 5 files to the disk. Same result for both.

Tried using Roxio Creator Classic to create a data disc and got the same results.

So far I’ve been trying to burn the files using my work laptop. It’s an HP Compaq NC6000 and I’m using the DVD/RW that came with it. Since I was able to get the files onto the jump drive I will try to burn these on my home PC using Nero. I know Nero provides the option to do a video disc. Is this what I need to do? Why doesn’t it work as a data disc? Does it make any difference if I do a CD-R instead of a CD-RW?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Normally if you burn the avi files, as a data disc it should works, but you mentioned
codec, do you’ve tried to download a divx codec, with this you should be able to watch
the avi’s!


I haven’t tried downloading any codecs yet because the files play OK without them from the hard drive. Why would I need the codecs for files that are on the disc, but not for them on the HD?

I have seen the divx codecs available - I see divx, divx3.0 & divx5.0. What’s the difference?



If you want to distribute it to friends, I would consider using nero to convert it to svcd or dvd if you have a dvd burner. While vcd is a little more compatible, the quality sucks. svcd is beter and if your file is only 75mb, you should be able to convert to svcd and fit it in one cd just fine. open nero start smart and look for the make super video cd icon. Depending on the quality of the avi, the super video may be the same or a little worse so see how it looks. svcd will play on many standalone dvd players as well as most computers without codec problems. Avi files often encounter codex problems because their are so many avi formats. Fyi you may need to find the corect codex and install it to convert it too. Try it and see if it gives an error, and yes it does take forever to convert so don’t be suprized if it take a while.


The difference is that divx 3.0 is an older version, for example 3.11 was one of the first
divx codecs available, then followed versions like 4 and 5, the latest one is i think 5.2.1,
it has more settings, faster, quality etc…The latest version should be compatible to
lower divx codecs or versions!


Well, I think I got it. But I tried two different changes, so I don’t know what fixed it. 1) I downloaded divx. 2) I burned to a CD-R instead of CD-RW.

I’m still at a loss to understand why I would need codecs if the files played OK on the hard drive. Can someone explain?

Anyway, I think the burning was the issue - I gave the disc to somebody else that I’m pretty sure does not have divx and they viewed it without any trouble.

Thanks all,


It could be that certain programs have thier own codecs that they can use, but are not general system codec like the one you installed that any program can use. Likewise with your friends computer. He probably has a player that either has it’s own codec or at some point the corect codec was installed (possibly automatically by another program). If cd-rw’s still dont work, I would guess that it is a sovtware issue. Some players don’t always like rw’s. I would just use cd-r’s if it is a problem as they ae pretty cheap. If it becomes an issue, try diffrent software with the cd-rw.


To find this out , just for yourself, you could first uninstall the divx codec, and then
put the burned cd-r into your drive, too see what happens


Thanks for the suggestions. I may give that a try now that I have it working.