Editable Virtual CD Drive?

Hi Guys 'n Dolls…I realy hope someone here could help…I’m looking for a Virtual Cd-Rom Application, where you could EDIT the programs in Real Time…What i mean is, most software allow you to create a Virtual Cd from lets say an ISO file…problem is, you cant EDIT files in the virtual Cd-Rom :frowning:
The reason for this is quite simple…Instead of always editing the ISO and re-convert to Virtual, you now have the oppertunety to manipulate your Virtual CD in REAL time…just think of all the time that youll save :slight_smile:
Anyone out here that knows about such a program??

tia :confused:

Try Power ISO, you can mount the ISO and edit it :slight_smile:

Thanks…Although it DOES work, im actualy looking for a virtual drive that works the same as VFD Drive ( floppy )…I want to edit the virtual drive…not the iso :slight_smile: You see, with VFD, you can create an A: drive…Sometimes you get a program that wants to install to the floppy drive…VFD can do it ( fool the installation program to make it think you HAVE a geniune floppy drive )…Now i need a Virtual CD…that can also fool software…ie Sometimes software asks to create a bootable cd, but you have to have a blank CD in the cd-rom…so…Instead of having a blank CD in the rom drive, the Virtual cd must “emulate” a blank CD…:slight_smile:

PowerISO is a good program for this, and it can to create ISO images with compression.