Edit Video from a DVD Ram disc in a PC using vegas: no audio



I have some video I want to edit in my PC recorded in a PAnasonic DMR-100HE. I take the DVD RAm disc and copy the VR_MOVIE.VRO file in my PC’s hard drive. Then I rename the file to VR_MOVIE.MPG and it works fine as an MPeg 2 file. :slight_smile: The thing is when I Use Sony Vegas 6.06d, or Pinnacle Studio 8 I have no audio. :doh: The file has the audio track and it works ok when I play it with Real Media Player 10 and other media players. :confused: Do I need a plug in to decode AC3 audio with vegas and Adobe premier, Pinnacle studio 8 etc? I tryed converting the audio to MP3 but then the audio sync goes straight to hell. Any Ideas of what should I do?
Thanx in advance


You need -VR software.


This may or may not help you. I was editing some vob files on my laptop using Womble. Everything played fine in Womble. Upon export - no sound. I tried on a different computer and sound was fine. I think laptop is missing a codec. What can you do? 1) Download a bunch of codecs and see if it works. 2) Load all your software onto another PC and see if it works.