Edit the firmware of liteon

anyone know how to edit the firmware of liteon (zs0n,s02.s06)?
to make that from “liteon” to “Sony” brand name when displayed in bios?
hope someone can help me .thanks.

Why would you want to?

You seem like you really want to keep the Sony name. Do you want VS06 firmware that will keep the CRX195E1 name, but let your drive burn at 48X?
The downside of having the drive named CRX195E1 is that you don’t get smartburn checkbox, or other stuff. I can send you a windows flasher for this if you want.

Please explain what exactly you want… and why…

This is a little information, but it does not apply to the Sony CRX195E1, which has a 512 kb ROM. That page applies to drives that have 256kb ROMs.

to Dave…

because the face of cdrw is named as sony,so i want to display “sony” also in bios.
but I know that liteon firmware is more stable and had more function.
i want to have smartburn,mount rainier etc…(the function in vs02 or vs06),but want it still display “sony” in bios.

so i want to upgrade my CRX195E1 to liteon VS02 or VS06(not confrim which i will use,because someone said vs02 good,someone said sv06 good).

why it just change the name(change to sony) in liteon firmware(sv02 ,sv06),then it will lose the original funciton?

that all and dave…!!

When you modify VS0* firmware to have the CRX195 name, you do not get all of the functions of a Line-On named drive because the software doesn’t think that the CRX195 can handle the features. The software doesn’t look at a drive’s capabilities, it looks in some kind of list to see what each drive can do. This is why burning software gets updated frequently. The only feature you get by renaming VS0* firmware to have the Sony CRX195 name is the 48X write speed.

if edit the list in nero ,add back sony vs06 or vs02 on it,
do you think it can work?

I’ve looked around for “The List” but I have not been able to find it. IF you could edit it, they you could probably get it to work.