Edit Recorded TV Show

Can anyone tell me how I cut out comercials and make menus for tv shows I record? Like say I record a whole season of a tv show how can I go about making a menu that lets me select each episode seperately? Any program reccomendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the help. Also I am using the hauppage pvr usb to record tv if that information helps. Thanks for all the help.

Easily achievable by using TMPGEnc DVD Author.

TMPGEnc DVD Author is a good choice for authoring, but, for the actual editing of videos I’d recommend Video ReDo. I’ve not used a better program than that. Very easy to use and works extremely well.

will either of these programs alow me to make cool menus or no?

I think TMPGEnc will allow you to make menus, yes. I haven’t used it in a long time…I prefer other utils. I know DVD Lab will allow you to make and/or import menus, as well. That’s a bit pricier, though. Video ReDo is strictly for video editing, but, one of its most powerful and kuel features is the ability to “sense” commercials and nuke them for you. It’s not the fastest feature there is, but, it’s really good at determining commercials and cutting them for you.

Yup, there are some good progs, TMPGEnc DVD Author is just one of them. :wink:
DVD lab and DVD lab pro maybe isn’t that easy to handle if you are not pro with such tools yet.

They’re not TOO bad. Import your source material and drag it up to the DVD creation window and you should be good to go. Then right click on the menu and edit it to create whatever you want. Yea, there’s a learning curve, but, once you do it a couple times, it’s not too difficult.

You can use Nero Vision Express. Very precise blends and cuts are possible, and the best: with Smart Encoding (AC3 too). TMPGEnc can cut I-frames only.

NVE is full of bugs, beware!

MPEG2Scnitt is a great tool. It edits demuxed MPEG2 video streams. Perfect to use when removing commersials before importing it to DVD authoring software.

It’s named “Mpeg2Schnitt” or better mpeg2cut.