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Hello all,

Maybe I’m missing something, but when I go to edit profile on main page (because I wanted to put in my mailing info for the give away :bigsmile: ), there are no fields to do this. If you are new and click register, the fields for address are there, but since I’m already registered this doesn’t work for me.

Just wondering if it’s just me! :confused:


As far as I am aware it is linked to the forum user info.

So as long as you have the correct email address there it should work fine.

Hi hma95!

On the top-right of the mainpage there is an option “members login”. If you click this, you are presented with a login and password box. You can just type your forum account details in here. After proceeding (and maybe filling in some extra additional information, required for the mainpage), you will be taken to your personal profile page.

You will see the numbers of postings you have done on the mainpage, and you have options like “Edit my CDFreaks profile” and “Edit my Stay updated items”. If you click on the first one, you can edit your details. On that page there is also an option to subscribe/unsunscribe to the mailinglist. See also the screenshot attached. I hope this helps!

Thanks Womble and Robin,

I was at that page, but when reading about the give away, it stated to make sure your address is correct in your profile so CDfreaks can send out the prizes this way. well, there is no place for street address and stuff only country (as you show in your screen shot). Not that big of a deal because my e-mail is correct so they can e-mail me if need be.

I just thought maybe I’m missing something or a drop down bar in my profile. I guess my point is how can we make sure our “address” is correct when there isn’t even a field for it.


Sorry, one more thing,

I keep trying to change my gender to female and I hit the submit tab, but it always goes back to male :confused:

Is the staff all males? :stuck_out_tongue: JK


That is strange! Could you tell me exactly how this happens? E.g. you login, change the gender to female, logout, login again, and now you are a male again? Or how does it exactly happen? If we know this, we can reproduce the error.

(oh and only your e-mail address is sufficient for the giveaway!)


I was going to insert a couple screen shots, but when I click on the “insert image”, a pop up box comes up with “enter the text to be formatted” :confused: Never had this problem before. I am using firefox 2.0 and my PC is virus and spyware free, so I don’t know what’s happening.

Anyways, I log into the main page, go to edit profile, tic the female box and click submit, it brings me back to my account page and I click on the edit profile and it’s back to male. I logged out, closed my browser (firefox 2.0) and log back in, go to edit profile and it’s still on male.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s firefox, with both these issues. I will try IE and see what happens and post again.


Tried both issues with IE and same thing happens. The main page is EXTREMELY slow with IE. Firefox is a lot faster.


The attachment below works fine. The last pic is when you click on insert image:

Hi Heidi,

Could you please check if you are able to set your gender in the profile list. I’ve made some changes so it should be working correct again!

Hope you hear from you soon!

Thanks Erpenator,

The gender is working now, it staying on female :wink: