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I just posted the article Edit ISO images !.

Lord_KiRon used our newssubmit to tell us:

How often it happen that you wanted to add some files to CD but all that you had was ISO image ?

The general path in this case was to open it with…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2166-Edit-ISO-images-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2166-Edit-ISO-images-.html)

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That’s cool, now I can easily add NFO files and patchs to the CD!


Tnx sounds handy to me :4 Going to give it a try


That is exactly what I have been looking for!!!:+ :d ThanX :d


Finally they came out with a version that does bootable CDs. Now it easier to make an autopatch version of WinXP.


Good but doesnt work with Images over 100mbs unless it’s registered, unless you have a serial or key of course


try looking on astalavista to register :wink: won’t say anymore, legal stuff etc pfff


If you have a key and patch for xp 2509 build plz contact me


Ok now that R0CKS!


:c anyone found a crack or serial, astalavista doesn´t help


astalavista does help! just look harder!


Got hold of the prog plus the Keygen, really nice and works well :d:p


To many damm Porno pop-ups on astalavista :frowning: Found it using Google :4 Pity I cant give the link but…:8


you could always send the link to me at crazywolf@mybc.com (and I’d be happy to pass it along to anyone that emails for it!)


www.cracks.am Works great ! This tool is gonna make my burning a lot easier :slight_smile:


HMPF…the crack for the version i have (3.8) doesn’t work at all. DrWatson doesn’t like it :slight_smile: Gonna try something else.


Go to the address : http://chzhy.com/dl/winiso3.zip - has a lot of useful info there (in ZIP :slight_smile: )


I though posting links to warez was not allowed at CD Freaks? Useful info my ass… :wink: