Edit ISO content, while keeping SafeDisk protection. How?


I have a Safedisk protected .iso file which is ~650mb, it is an original install disk copy_rip. With Daemon, I can install it without problems.
I want to edit the content of the disk (remove unnecessary things, which are totally unuseful - videos, html files etc - for me, and maybe put in other stuffs). I tried MagicIso, PowerIso to edit the iso file, but the resulted iso file has lost the safedisk property (I start the cd with Daemon, but when the installer wants to “validate” the originality of the disk, it stops with error). When I load the iso file into MagicIso, the content of the iso file is only 509mb. By the way, what I want to keep, is just ~120mb.
The question is; is it possible to edit an iso file, and keep that safedisk protection?

IT would be nice, if someone could help me.
Thanks in advance.

magic iso might do it not sure id wait for someone else 100% or check out the copy protection part of the forums =]

ISO Commander is a better alternative and will definitely do as you ask.

[I]Hope that helps![/I]

Okay, Thanks for your fast replies! I will give it a try.

Hmm. Unfortunately, it doesnt work too… :-S

^ Can’t be done with any generally available image editor. When you edit the raw image, the re-built image file won’t contain the weak and unreadable sectors that form the basis of safedisc cd copy protection.

Ahaaaaa, thanks. Soo baad… :-S