Edit Finalized DVD

We received a finalized DVD from a business partner, and I am asked to add an intro to the DVD content and reburn. My understanding is that once finalized, we are unable to edit without the original source files. “CloneDVD” appears to have some editing capabilities, but I’m not sure if this would be one of them. I have Adobe Premier Pro and AfterEffects, and so creating the intro is no problem, but not sure how to insert it. I appreciate any advice.


Copy the DVD to your hard drive.
Do all the editing there, then burn back to a new disk.

If the DVD is finalized you can’t re-burn the data back on the same disc. If the DVD is a DVD+RW that has not been finalized than you can erase the disc and start over, but if it’s finalized than just copy the entire thing to your hard drive and create the changes on the hard drive and burn the data onto a new DVD. DVD’s are pretty cheap these days.

Ditto :iagree: