Edit El Torito boot files



Is there a program that can edit and view CD boot files? I and trying to make a multiboot Windows 2000 CD, and the XP CD I have from Microsoft has both versions on one CD with a boot menu to choose. Dumping the bootfile image with UltraISO shows me a bit of text, but it’s mostly binary data. Is there a program out there that can help me modify boot files to create El Torito multiboot CDs?


Not sure this will help, but you can go to a number of sites that give directions for making a Windows 2000 or a Windows XP BOOTABLE CD. When doing this creation, just add what you want to the files you stripped off the Win2K CD (or WinXP CD). See below sites

Bootable Win2000 CD with SP Integrated

Creating bootable WinXP SP1a CD (Nero)

Bart’s way to create bootable CD

Do a Google search for Bootable CD for more sites


I’ve been able to create boot CDs of each OS, but getting the nice little multiboot menu for the multiple folders on the CD isn’t quite as easy. I have seen those links you sent, and I just need to spend some time experimenting with the boot menu options out there.

I have a feeling MS is using an internal tool, much like they use CDIMAGE.EXE to generate Rockridge CDs for the OS families.

If anyone has some other suggestions on multiboot menus (especially simple like the MSDN CDs, if you’ve seen them), I’m open.

Thanks for your response!


A google search for
Multiboot bootable CDs
Multiple boot CDs

Some links that may be helpful




Awesome! Thanks so much for all of the leg work!


I am a little vague as to the purpose of a MultiBoot CD. I have heard of it but have never used such. I know about the El Torito standard that allows the Bios to boot from the Cd, provided the Cd is properly created (that is, made into a bootable Cd). I have two HD’s, both partitioned. The first HD has WinXP on the front end, and the second has WinMe. I rarely use WinME and only have it as a backup OS. Booting up, I just use a 3-rd party OS selector software to choose which OS to select

When refering to, say, a multiboot WinXP & Win2k Cd, are we talking aboiut both WinXP and Win2k being on the same CD ?? Obviously, WinXP and Win2k share many same files, but do both OS’s fit on the same Cd

I would appreciate it if you or any other give me a liitle education on this subject of the MultiBoot CD


What I mean is booting multiple OSes from the same family off of one CD. When you get an MSDN subscription, Microsoft sends you OS CDs labeled as “versions”. There is a Windows 2000 Versions CD (with Professional, Server and Advanced Server all on one CD), a Windows XP Versions CD (with Professional and Home on one CD), and a set of Windows Server 2003 CDs with 2 versions on each CD. When you boot from the XP and Server 2003 CDs, you get a menu asking which version you would like to boot. The Windows 2000 CD, unfortunately, doesn’t have this boot menu.

In our test lab at work, I try to keep the latest OS CDs laying around. I slipstream the latest service pack in to the OS, and create an unattended installation to make setting up a system much easier. Rather than keep a CD for each individual OS, I would rather slipstream the versions CDs and be offered a boot menu to choose which OS to install. I can slipstream the XP and 2003 CDs and leave the boot menu intact, but I need to create a boot menu for the 2000 CD. I would also like to create a bootable DVD with all four of the Windows 2003 versions on it.

Hopefully that verbose response helps answer your question! A boot menu may work for different OSes on one CD, but I’m really looking for a menu to help with booting similar OSes that are created with symbolic links to optimize the file system.


Thanks for the explanation