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Quick question for you. I need to edit an old TV special together for my mother. It is an old Chistmas special that is about 25 minutes long. I purchased an out of print VHS of the special and a friend transferred it to DVD-R via a set top DVD recorder in HQ (1 hour) mode. There is another version of the same special that has a scene (one of her favorites) that is not on the VHS I purchased. She recorded that off air. My friend also transfered that version to DVD-R via his set top box in HQ mode. So, I have the two DVD-Rs and I want to transfer the file to my PC, edit the .vob files or whatever so that I can edit that one scene into the commercial version. Then I want to reburn a DVD containing the special with that scene edited in. First of all, I am not totally sure what program would be recommended to edit the clips together. Secondly, I would prefer to not have to do any compression or anything when I re-burn. I basically want to edit the source scenes together, then re-burn to DVD-R. BUT, since the source VHS is quasi-decent at best, I do not want to have to do anything in the editing/burning process that would further compromise video quality. The total length of the entire special after editing would be maybe 26-27 minutes MAXIMUM, so I know disc space is not an issue. I am rather new to this aspect (editing video) of burning and would appreciate any input.
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If you are putting a foreign MPEG-2 stream into your captured VHS, then you will have to re-encode and lose quality.

BUT since these are captured from VHS to begin with, the video will already be of relatively low quality. If you re-encode, the difference will be imperceptable.

If you are dead set on not losing quality, the alternative would be to capture both versions of the show into raw DV or huffYUV (if your hardware supports it,) do the editing, and then compress. But this will take considerable time and disk space, and really, the quality gain would only be noticeable to the trained eye.

So to edit your two DVD-R discs together, it should be relatively easy. If you don’t understand some words in this post, try looking them up in the VideoHelp Glossary.

  1. Use DVD Decrypter to dump both DVD-R to your hard drive as VOB files.

  2. Use any demux tool (I prefer bbdmux) to extract the video and audio streams from the VOBs.

  3. Use any video editing program (I use Vegas Video) to edit the scenes together. Your editing task sounds pretty simple, so it should not be a challenge.

  4. Re-encode your new video into MPEG-2 again.

  5. Take your encoded video and use an authoring program (I use TMPGEnc DVD Author) to create VOBs.

  6. Burn the VOBs as a video DVD and you are done.

Thanks so much. That is extremely helpful. So, given that my original sources were VHS, after I do my editing and have to re-encode, I should not really notice a quality loss?

Again, many many thanks for your help. You have given me exactly what I needed. :smiley:

Hi I have similar problem…I have a (home) dvd which I would like to edit, I have the VOB files and everything but whats a demux tool ? Havent got a clue where do I find it? PLease help need it urgently


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