Edit DVD+RW on PC to change FLAGS?

Im using a Phillips DVDR610 to record films etc onto DVD. Problem I have is the recorder is not setting the anamorphic flags on the disc to 16:9, but instead marking it as 4:3.

So when I lend a recording to someone who has a 4:3 screen, the image is all squashed as its being displayed in 4:3.

I’ve worked around this by copying the data to my PC and editing the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and then copying all the data back to the DVD.

What I want to know is, does anyone know of a way/tool I can use to edit the file directly on the DVD, to save me having to copy 4gb+ of data to my hard drive just to edit a 40k file, and then copy it all back again?

DVD+RW is suppost to be editable and flexable, yet it seems no programs or methods exist to be able to do this.

As the disc is editable on the Phillips recorder, surely it can be edited on a PCs DVD+RW drive?

I have tried editing the disc as a UDF formatted disk using a UDF editor, but that didnt work.

Any ideas?

There are some things that can be directly edited on a +RW in +VR mode using a PC with, for example DVD Movie Factory 4, but AFAIK the aspect ratio alone isn’t one of them.