Edit Bilingual DVD - lose closed captions



I am attempting to create bilingual DVDs with Closed Captioning. The source program has English on the Left audio channel and Spanish on the Right audio channel. It also has English captions on CC1 and Spanish captions on CC2.

I am able to record the programs with a DVD recorder and then import the resulting DVD-Video into TMPGEnc Author 2.0 and create a nice Bilingual DVD using menus to select English or Spanish audio, but the Closed Captions are LOST!

There must be a program which can change stereo audio to two selectable monoral audio tracks without affecting the video. (Or maybe there is a setting in Author 2.0 that I am missing?)

Does anyone have a simple solution to this problem?

Please help!


If you are sure they were in the original mpeg prior to authoring then they may not be dropped.

Closed captions are kept as user data and are stored within the mpeg. Unless the authoring program demuxes and then remuxes (with or without re-encoding) then I would think the captions are still there but the DVD player doesn’t know it because the flags are not set to tell it that there are captions in the DVD.

You can fix this with ifoedit.

First backup the original ifo and buf files from your dvd on hd. If you already have a copy on disc then skip this step since you already have a backup.

With ifoedit:

open the vts_01_0.ifo titleset (you will have to repeat this for vts_02_0.ifo etc… if you have multiple titlesets containing cc.

look for “Title set movie”. The next line should be the video mpeg2. Double click on that line. In the panel that opens look for “cc for line 21” and check the box field1 (in your case you may be using field2 so you can set that one also.). Close the panel and save the ifo file. When prompted save the buf file also.

It’s very quick. That’s it.

Test you dvd with a software player that accepts turning cc on and off and not just subtitles.

btw) Turning these flags on won’t produce cc if they are not there it will just turn on a fake option which does nothing.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I used IfoEdit to turn on the flags for Closed Captions. It did not fix the problem. My guess is that the DVD-Recorder does not put the Closed Caption data in a separate data element – that it relies on the video stream to keep line 21 intact when the DVD is played. I will need to check the IFOs of the DVD’s that are made by the recorder, and determine if they use the bit flags you had me set in IFOEdit.

I have contacted Pegasys about the issue of TMPGEnc Author 2.0 re-compressing the video, but the last message they sent was just an ad for a new product. :doh:

I will probably try sending another email to them and hope I get a more helpful response this time.


Too bad that didn’t work.

Do you know about this site:


This fellow has a bunch of command line tools to work with CC and subtitles.

The one you need to try first is called scc_rip.exe. It lets you check (and extract) an mpeg to see it contains CC in it. If they aren’t there then at least you will not waste time trying to activate them.

To check and extract CC line21 / line 22 using a txt editor like notepad …you only need to set up a bat file like this:

scc_rip -d -12 yourvideo.mpg

Save that in a file called ccrip.bat and double click on the bat file to run it from your explorer window. Make sure the exe and the mpeg are all in the same directory.

To see all possible options make another bat file and call it subrip help.bat. In that file just put no parameters:

The output will display all the options in a dos box.

You may note that he has a cc muxer (cc_mux.exe) but don’t get too excited it can only mux 1 MB of video data per hour. A normal DVD is about 4 GB so have you got 4000 hours to spare ?:smiley:

The only other muxer I found so far on the net that claims to mux CC is called mpegRepairHD (I think that’s the name) but at $4000 bucks… :sad:

DVDMaestro (dead) and Sonic Scenarist are able to imports CC line 21 but the first one is unavailable and the latter is too expensive for home hobby use.