Edit & Add File To Acronis Rescue Media.iso

Good very hello!

I have what I think is a unique problem. Is what I am trying to do is to add an Acronis backup archive, (*.tib) to an edited Acronis Rescue Media.iso with MagicISO, so when I boot up from it I will have an archive right on same DVD to select from.

I had tried to do an Acronis restore recently, but failed because the archive had become corrupt from, what I believe, was the defrag proccess of it on the hard drive. I do not want an Acronis Secure Zone for the archive as disc space is becoming a premium on hard drive.

When I add the backup archive to the Acronis Rescue Media.iso and try to boot from it, Acronis gives me a boot error. I have tried putting the archive in seperate folders and still get boot error. Is there a way to partition a DVD so that Acronis won’t see it during the boot process so it it hidden and then select from it after restore process has started?

I have found that I can use 2 CD’s to accomplish this by removing the Acronis Rescue Media.iso from the ROM as soon as it has booted up and loaded into memory and then inserting DVD with archive on it into ROM and continuing with the restore process and selecting the archive from the ROM. I would like very much to be able to have it on 1 DVD though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :bow:

OK - I got it. For anyone else who might be interested:

  1. Open “UltraISO” by double clicking on the“Acronis Rescue Media.iso” that was copied to your desktop and “Recovery Manager” folder will appear into upper right pane.
  2. In upper right hand pane of “UltraISO” you should see a folder that says “Recovery Manager”. In bottom left pane select the location of the *.tib archive you created with “Acronis True Image” and you will find the archive will show in the bottom right pane, drag that archive up to the upper right pane and drop it below the “Recovery Manager” folder.
  3. In the “UltraISO” file menu on top, select “Tools” then select “Make CD/DVD Image”, then click “Make”.

I had better luck using UlraISO :slight_smile: