[EDIT]A Movie[/EDIT] - Whats the Correct XviD video codec?

Hi, I downloaded [EDIT]A perfectly legal and copyright-free movie[/EDIT] from kazaa and apparently it uses the XviD codec. I even got the right filesize off fasttrackmovies.com and they said it played fine for them.

So I downloaded the latest binary and installed it and I can play the video but I’m getting very bad quality.

Every time a shot changes, it fades into the next shot/scene with video blocks the size of your fingernail. And lots of them. You can still see like 100 blocks from the previous picture blurring over the new picture. You can hardly make anything out at all.

I’m convinced I must have the wrong codec or something to play it cos the quality is terrible!

Running a 1.1Athlon, 384ram, GF4 mx440se.

Help anyone?

I would suggest you get the latest Xvid codec from Nic’s site then, http://nic.dnsalias.com/ and just install over the top of what ever version you have. It works for me with Tuxedo.

Thanks CM but I tried that codec, I’m still getting terrible results!

I’ve tried it with WinDvd, PowerDvd and WindowsMP. All shocking.

What player do you use??

I might try updating my video drivers from 43.45 to 44version, see if that does anything.

I use either WinDVD v 4.0 or WMP v9.

Check the AVI file with GSPOT as it may not actually be an Xvid.

I downloaded Gspot, and it says I have the correct codecs installed to play the file. And I’m pretty sure it says its an Xvid.

Also tried AviCodec and that says its Xvid as well.

Help?! :slight_smile:

I tried the movie on another pc with a diferent xvid codec and the movie works fine.

I wonder what could be wrong with my main pc that it won’t play it properly? Should I delete some codecs and start all over again?

If you have the Nimo Codec pak installed, absolutely un-install that piece of codec crap. It kills more systems that it cures. Then remove any other codec your installed that you DO NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED. Re-install Nics Xvid codec.

Try FFDShow, which XviD has sort of “adopted” as their decoder.

LOL CM. Yes I do have nimo codec pack installed :\

Will uninstall tonight!

What codecs do I absolutely not need?? There are a few in the video codec section that look like they came with WinXP (microsoft codecs, etc).

Thanks anyhow :smiley: :bigsmile:

And whatta ya know!

I uninstalled that nimo codec, and removed all the other codecs, and rebooted.

All the intel, microsoft codecs etc came back again after the restart (weird).

Anyway, Installed Nic’s codec again and whallah!

Perfect Xvid video!

Thank-you ChickenMan!! You are a legend!!

Glad to hear its all working, please spread the word - DO NOT INSTALL THE NIMO PACK UNLESS YOU WANT A SCREWED SYSTEM !