Edges of my VCD video get cut off!

Hi guys,

I have been trying for 2 days now to encode one of my anime to VCD. It has a resolution of 640x480, unsure whether it’s DivX or Xvid, filesize 140mb.

When I encode to VCD standard compatible format using TMPGEnc v3, I have used all these settings:

1:1 ratio (square pixel)
4:3 NTSC
4:3 Image

Full screen (keep aspect ratio)

When I use these settings, it plays fine on my computer, resolution is a standard 352x240. However when I play it on standalone players, the top and bottom edges are cut off, sides are fine.

I don’t want to resort to using 16:9 aspect, I want the whole video to show up.

Can someone please help me with this??? Thanks in advance.

If it plays fine on the PC screen but some of the top & bottom missing on the TV, then thats pretty normal. Every TV has some overscan and there is alway some of the pic missing. Even the left & right sides will have some pic missing as well.

The problem was that the overscan was eating into the subtitles. My solution was to just use avisynth to add 12 pixel borders on the top and bottom edges.

Yep, good solution. Glad to hear it worked for you.