Edge of Disc not Fully Printed with SureThing



This is the first disc that I have ever printed with SureThing v5 (trial). Why is approx. 60% of the edge of the disc not printed? Also, is there a reason why the File > Calibrate Printer command would be greyed out (I’m still in the trial period)? Thank you.


You have to tweak it by using the page setup option. You can’t really calibrate the printer for CD/DVD printing per say, but have to tweak the numbers in page setup by changing the default numbers for it.

The easiest way is probably by setting the bleed option higher, of course if you do that, the outer parts of what you wanted to print might not show up as it would be printed off the disc. So if you don’t like that, just tweak the other numbers until you get it printing the way you want it to.


I’ve been playing with the Page Setup options and have printed some OK looking discs. It sure is a maddening process - to me, anyway. For my Verbatim 94971 white discs I have the horiz. & vert. bleeds at 0.12", the start position (left) at 0.32", and start (top) at 3.52". I’m still not too happy with the center hole and have set the size at 1.37" with a bleed of -0.05" - I’m trying to not have any ink on the clear part of the inner hole where the “Verbatim” & “DVD-R” logos are.

There is a good tutorial for this process, written by “Pete”, an Admin at the SureThing Forum.

I appreciate the reply - Thanks!:cool: