'Edge moves to Chromium partly because Google kept making changes to its sites that broke other browsers'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/edge-moves-to-chromium-partly-because-google-kept-making-changes-to-its-sites-that-broke-other-browsers-85682/

A Microsoft developer yesterday posted a comment on the Hacker News website stating that Microsoft’s decision to use Chromium for its Edge browser was partly because Google made changes to its websites that broke other browsers than Google’s own Chrome. One of the changes also broke Edge’s hardware acceleration on Youtube, according to the developer.

Sounds like another reason to break up Alphabet, Inc. into smaller companies over monopolistic practices and anti-trust issues.

I agree here. If Alphabet, Inc is broken up over trying to control the internet and Facebook is made an extreme example out for stuff it does with user data. We go after Apple for it’s practices of preventing repairs on devices. Other companies will start to get the message that this crap is not okay when regulators start coming after them.

It seems that no company can resist trying to create a monopoly when it’s big enough. Microsoft is always criticized for it, but it seems it’s too tempting for large companies to try to get away with it.

You know, it sounds like Microsoft is claiming to be a victim of “Embrace, Enhance, Extinguish”. Remember when Microsoft was criticized for sabotaging the Win32 API to make browsers like Netscape run slower? Now they’re claiming Google sabotaged YouTube to make Edge run slower. The irony!

PS: IDK what the point of adding invisible crap over a video is, but just because Microsoft’s browser is too stupid to deal with it, that doesn’t mean Google intended to sabotage Edge.

You have a point. MS is no choir boy when it comes to sabotaging competitors.

For the record, I have no idea whether Netscape’s claims that Microsoft rigged their API is true. However, when it comes to Microsoft, nothing surprises me.