Edge fails during demo at Microsoft's Ignite conference, Chrome saves the day

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/edge-fails-demo-microsofts-ignite-conference-chrome-saves-day-82925/

A presentation during Microsoft’s Ignite conference went wrong for Microsoft’s director of Azure infrastructure and cloud platform, Michael Leworthy. Microsoft’s own Edge browser failed on him and he had to install Google’s Chrome browser to continue.

[quote]During his demonstration of migrating applications and data to Microsoft’s cloud ,the browser became unresponsive and Leworthy had no other choice but using Windows 10’s built in Bing search to download Chrome. [/quote]Funny even though IE was still there and works he seems to forget that IE is still viable and most likely will get demoted by Gates for doing a OPS!..

Lo and behold, everyone. This is Microsoft being as Microsoft as Microsoft can be. After decades of rotting code bloat, Microsoft can’t even get their own web browser working during their own presentation. To me, this doesn’t instill much confidence in their Azure technology… not that I had any real faith in them anyway.

Indeed this is true with some other websites that depend on the deprecated Silverlight plug-in, such as the pay TV provider Sky in the UK.

Try http://go.sky.com in Edge :wink: