Edge 9 protection

will dvd fab platinum come out with a way to backup dvd edge 9 protected disc?

That is a question for fengtao and may take a little time due to time and other differences in China. I have never heard of that protection. Is it on a movie or game.


Mack, it seems that this is just now coming into the public forum…haven’t seen much and you may have already seen this but:



In my options, it’s just a marketing news like RipGuard did. If the disc is out, we can break it in one hour, as always. :slight_smile:

To be honest, I wasn’t worried…we have faith… :bow:

Thanks for all that you do!!!.. :clap:

i hope…

Many of you doesn’t know that I’m here :slight_smile: cheers

Well, kamuixtv, perhaps you’d like to explain to the community if your creation is DVD compliant?

Because in my opinion, any DVD that does not play in ALL players, irrespective of age, is not a DVD Video and, speaking personally, I will return every single one of these.

I have older players that I watch DVDs with. Explain to me why I won’t be able to watch a purchased Edge 9 DVD on them? Explain it please also to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in the same boat as me.

In addition, people paid good money for Ner0 Showtime and PowerDVD (for example), who have also paid stacks of money to the DVD Forum so their software may play DVDs. How do you explain that to people and companies alike when these stupid creations can’t be played on legal software players?

What you have created is not a DVD and never will be - just bad authoring. To do it intentionally makes the product not fit for purpose.

On that basis, I seriously doubt it will get off the ground. It can’t be that hard to break, anyway. Nothing is.


And without sounding ignorant, who are you, and why would anyone be interested if your not going to contribute to the forum.

Well since Kamuixtv hasn’t bothered to respond (I presume he is George X-2, the author of this Edge-9 rubbish), I can tell you that, as far as I can tell, the “system” consists mainly of placing additional and illegal commands in unreferenced PGCs, plus playing around with some IFO pointers. This is combined with regular run-of-the-mill ARccOS in the main movie.

One reason it is not compliant is that no PGC can hold more than 128 commands. Some PGCs under this system have 25,000. This will ensure that some players that are very compliant to the DVD specs will not parse the IFOs properly and will crash. Other, more forgiving ones, may ignore the bad PGCs.

As I said before, bad authoring. Easy to analyse and as fengtao has shown, easy to beat. Not smart, just a bit aggravating.


The name of coppy protection is CORE X2 used on DVD REG 2 (Osvobozeni) is not a version of edge 9, it is Czech local DVD protection systemfor Czech and Slovak teritorry and there isnt plan use it this protection in another country.

And can you elaborate on who you are hikaru and how you know this.

Because we use this copy protection and protection is developed specialy for CZ/SK market.

What do you do with customers that buy those DVDs and have an old DVD stand alone player?

Just an information, the Provider ID of the IFO is GEORGE-X-2, as blutach said, he is the author of Edge9.

Blutach is wrong, George-x-2 and kamuixTV are different people. Protection core-X-2 had any problem on PS2 or old version of player. No problematic player are know till yet.

Well, we wait for the real Edge-9. Sorry to kamuixTV if I have presumed incorrectly.


Edge-9 is not commercially available yet but still under proposal (Companies are focusing to blue lasers now) but some company at Czech is interested, but I don’t trust them. To answer your question I’m not really really sure with the old players. because I don’t have one and with the PS2, it’s not working at all.

I believe it’s unlikely that blutach is waiting for an answer…as this thread has been dead for about 8 months… :wink: