Eddie's media test on his 1655

A few days ago I ordered a mix of 5 DVD+R brands, just to see how they are doing on my 1655.

[ul]Fuji 50-pack (Prodisc R05)
0.37 euro


[ul]Mediarange 25-pack (MCC 004)
0.30 euro


[ul]Moviestyle 50-pack (MCC 004)
0.26 euro


[ul]TDK 25-pack (TDK 003)
0.41 euro


[ul]Verbatim 100-pack (MCC 004)
0.35 euro


First a test with

SB off
OS off

write speed: 16x






Although the Verbatim is the best scan, I had much better experience with it (I made about 150 scans of this media) - PIF’s were never exceding a few hunderd, and half the time <100. Then I realized this is the first time I have SB [I]off[/I].

So now I switched SB on (and WOPC off) and gave the Verbs, TDK’s and Fuji’s 4 discs to learn. Here are the results:




Editted: ah my bad, ok it is based on MID

My conclusion: the Mediarange and the Moviestyle are real junk media. Besides having very bad scans (and these posted are not exceptions, Imade a few more), you can litterally look through them! Apparently they are missing the extra dye that ‘normal’ DVD’s have… So that doesn’t give much hope for long time storage qualities either.

The TDK and Fuji’s are disapointing as well. I’ve seen good scans here on this forum with TDK, and with Fuji I myself have burnt hunderds of them in the past without any problem. Scanning a few of those old ones give good results, much better than the new one posted above. Also, they now look much ‘cheaper’ then the purple ones I always got. Well, I will use what I have left for second back-ups…

The Verbs are the clear winners here, no doubt about that.

As an additional note, this test makes clear that at least the Fuji’s and the Verbs benefit very much from SB.

Thanks for the tests Eddie. :clap:

Looks like CPU usage is very high on some of the first burns and probably that’s why you have write speed slowdown at the end?

The Verbatim in post#11 is with WOPC Off? Very nice!

Now how about tests with the new firmware BCIB? :wink:

I think MCC004 does better with WOPC off :wink:

I think the reason those scans are better is because SolidBurn is On.

Switching SB On and WOPC Off can actually lead to results like this with some MCC 004 media if you use firmware later than BCGB. So I wouldn’t recommend turning WOPC Off with BCHB or BCIB firmware if you enable SolidBurn and burn MCC 004 media.

With SolidBurn Off or with BCGB and earlier firmware, turning WOPC Off may or may not change the burn quality, but it could just as easily become worse by turning it off.