EDAZZ sent me a 4161b instead of a 4163B what is the difference?

are they the same drive?

GSA-4161B lacks support for DVD-RAM.

Plus it looks like it only writes at 8x dvd-r what a rip…Do not use EDAZZ! I will attempt to get the drive I ordered.

Hm. 4161B instead of 4163B? :eek:

It sounds like you got ripped off. I would try to exchange it for a 4163b. Only my opinion.

4161B is worth about US$30 I think because it’s outdated and lacks DVD-RAM.

No, the 4161B can’t write DVD-RAM (that’s the biggest difference).

Return the drive. :iagree:

What happened? :slight_smile:

Plextor PX-716A for US$70!

I ordered this drive from EDAZZ. They already shipped the drive.:confused:

I hope that they ship me a 4163B drive.

I got an email from DHL Express saying that the drive was shipped from http://www.str8buy.com/.

I checked str8buy.com’s website and they don’t even have the 4163b on their website.

I’m going to call EDAZZ on Monday. If they don’t answer their phone, I’m going to contact str8buy instead to find out if they shipped the correct drive or a 4161b. If they shipped the wrong drive, I’m going to refuse delivery.:a

Hey Jamos, did you ever get the correct drive from EDAZZ?