Ed2k Links!

Let p2p live!

with shareconnectoe closed down we need a new site for all those handy links!

thankfully *************** is still up and running, probably not for long though! in the mean time, lets get things going there, spread the word NOW!! :slight_smile:

Link removed by Crabbyappleton: That page is not what we want to see in here :cop: I agree with the other poster there is offensive material on that site’s main page.

Hmmm very nice getting pr0n in your face as soon as you got there.


as a noob, what is pr0n? lol

Heres a hint; Men then about it every 6 secs


i guess its just like SC, there is links to porn there too, so whats the big deal whether its on the home page?

i respect that you have taken the link off for that reason but what about all those ppl that would use the site beyond those reasons?

p2p needs support, are you with me?

well if anyone would like to know the link then mail me at naeshit@hotmail.com

is that ok?

lets keep this thread up at the top!