ECS Nforce3-A won't recognize my sound card correctly

I just got the Nforce3-A motherboard (w/Sempron 3100 cpu OC’d to 2.25ghz) at Fry’s. I installed it fine except the sound card. The sound card is an old card from my old HP comp (HP 9680C), I used to have it on another comp and it worked fine. Now the audio control says there’s no audio mixer device. When I go to the device manager it give me this error.

What is Code 12 and how do I fix it? I have 1GB of ram, so there’s more than enough resource for it. I also tried going into the Device Manager to uninstall and then reinstall the driver, still doesn’t work. Thanks.

Also, if I plug in a USB drive, it has this high pitched (no loud tho) ringing sound, like “vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv”. Does anyone have this problem? How do I make it go away.

Try moving it around, why not use the built-in sound card?

Conexant with an soundcard? I’m confused…

I’m just going to use the on board sound card now. But when I watch Macromedia Flash Player video that’s embedded on a site, (like this one) It has no sound. I can watch all other types of media withsound, just that has no sound. Please help. Thanks.

So it’s only a codec/driver problem then?! I’m out of ideas here.

I searched for similar problems on google, but the only suggestion was to update to the most recent versions of Flash Player, but my flash player is already the latest version. Anyone has any idea or a similar problem before? Please help. Thanks for the replies.

Ok, I figured out what’s wrong now. I have to set the default device to Realtek audio (it was set to modem #0). But even before I set it to Realtek audio the sound works for all other media files. Well, thanks for the replies.