ECR and flashfix



What is the difference between the EEPROM check remover and flashfix??


FlashFix patches the LiteOn flasher to allow you to flash from one drive to the other.

ECR patches the firmware itself so that if you do flash from one drive to the other, you won’t get a blinking orange light.

The two generally should be used together…

<HR>Edit: I guess I should be a bit clearer and succinct here…

  • If you are flashing to a firmware that is different from your current firmware or if you are flashing to a firmware that is older than your current firmware, you will need to use FlashFix.
  • If you are flashing to a firmware of a different “family” than that your drive was originally (not currently, but originally), then you will need to use the ECR. What do I mean by “family”? The 812S and all rebadged 812S drives (like the U18A) are of the same “family.” The 812S is not of the same “family” as the 851S or any of the rebadged 851S drives.


so if I want to revert back from 812s@832s to 812s, should I only use Flashfix or also ECR

I’m using the pached firmwares from your site


Only FlashFix. ECR is needed only when crossflashing to something other than the original.

Did you read [post=601808]this[/post]?


so if I had an sony drive I would have to use ECR, or what do you mean by “other than the original”?


If your drive is originally a U18A (812S family) and you flashed it to a 832S (832S family), then you will need ECR. If you then flash back to a U18A or a 812S (both are of the 812S) family, you don’t need ECR, since your drive was originally of the 812S family.


Ok I’ve got it I think, so your 812@832 firmware’s are alreadey patched by ECR


…and by FlashFix.

But the 812S firmwares on our site are patched by neither. If you want to downflash back to a 812S, you will need FF, but not ECR.


Ok, thanks for your great support and quick replies