Economics of Taiyo Yuden DVD Recordables

The other day I was “backing up” one of my movies. During the inspection; thats what I call it when after EVERY burn when I look at the readable side of the disc for visable distortions in the dye, the truth became clearer to me. I was paying for the most expensive discs on the market, and getting “value line” Taiyo Yudens. Why was I doing this? Well, this is an example of the “new math”.

Put on hold whatever “value line” means.
Its varying definitions and interpretations have their own pages. It is NOT marketed as equals to the 8x or 16x. It is meant to say to us, the consumer, “Hey you, dont spend the extra money to simply burn the DVD at a faster rate, after all, you only burn it once.”
I listened, I did the math and said, I am a person who values value, if I may. Further, the fact that they burn at 12x on my NEC 3540 gave me the feeling of having the “poor mans 16X disc”.

Well, burn after burn and spindle after spindle from online merchants ranging from Supermediastore to Shop4tech, I continued having discs with visable distortions in the dye. They would even trip up my standable DVD player. Aside from the fact that it became annoying to look every burn under a flourescent light, it was time consuming. That raised another question. Is my time, and aggrevation worth money? Of course it is.

What did I finally come up with?

Though it may sound obvious to some, there is a market out there selling “value line” dvds made by manufactuers ranging from Taiyo Yuden, to Prodisc.
I know TY has a great reputation, but consider the new math. Pay a little more and get the more expensive ones.
The initial cost is lower, but in the end, the value in “value line” is not for you, but for the merchant who wishes you a speedy reorder.

P.S. It is great now that I am off Taiyo Yuden 4X. I am clean and sober. I feel like myself again. You wouldn’t :wink: believe the free time I have.

Best of Luck!

Yeah, many of us have been there. Spend your time well now :smiley:

Same feeling here, bought TYG02’s by the barrel load on a “good deal”. Nothing special about the way they burn on both of my toasters. Get much better burns on my good 'ol T02 @ 4-8x. Now I’m much better off spending the time and $ on the initial burn. Sleeping much better :wink:

I just received a pack of the value TY 4x hub printables, and my experience mirrors what many others have said; the discs have visible dye flaws. The MID on the discs is TYG02, but I was hoping for TYG03. I don’t think it would have mattered even if they had been G03s though; they’d hardly have been suited for 16x burning, or even 12x for that matter. I could kick myself since for $3 more I could have gotten the premium TYG02 hub printables :a :doh:

Now you begin to understand why Rima refuses to sell value line media.

Premium G02 is still available at Rima for $32/100. Get it before it’s gone for good.

Yup, I had really good luck with my 4x value line discs (I purchased a 100 pack a few months back) but I won’t press my luck and buy any more. I will continue to buy the premium TYG02 discs from rima. That and I like having the gaurantee that I will be able to burn my discs at 12x with each batch that I order from rima, rather than getting a mystery package of value line discs.