ECMA releases new Holographic information storage standards (press release)

I just posted the article ECMA releases new Holographic information storage standards (press release).

Ecma International has achieved its goal. That is, two new standards for dramatically increased optical storage density – Holographic Information Storage - that break through the density limits…

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"HVDs allow over 10 kilobits of data to be written and read in parallel with a single flash of light – and the recording and reading processes do not require spinning media. " Wow! :o

Let’s be practical here, folks. How does this affect how we watch porn? :+

All very good but this is just talk. I don’t expect such products to hit mainstream for quite a number of years, if ever.

to right the industry will rape us for every penny using crap ray and hd first b4 we ever get to see what holographic can do for real. :frowning: