Echelon - Be Very Afraid - Sort of



I just posted the article Echelon - Be Very Afraid - Sort of.

Antionline have another story on the echelon system.

A global network of 120 secret spy satellites called Echelon monitors our e-mail, phone calls and faxes. Yeah, right. Sounds like a wacko…

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this one idiot article the throut is out there yeah whatever :d


Reminds me of that shit from the TRUE LIES movie…


Dunno… this could be true… The US do some bloody shifty deals raise and lower interest rates @ will (thanx reserve bank, which by the way is not government owned) wouldnt surprise me if this were true… listen next time ya on the phone and there could possigbly be a clicking noice on the line… :d


True Lies? Ever seen Enemy of the State? Exactly what this is about.


Sounds just like Enemy of the State. And just think if this is the information they have declassified to the public imagine what is still classified and we don’t know about. The US government can likely see everything we do visually via satellite.


I think the guy who wrote this had too much to drink… :r