ECDC5 Platinum install HELP

I am as green as it gets.I just got an ACER10432 CDRW.It came bundled w/ ECDC4.02 and DirectCD 3.01c. Everything hummed along fine, I however wanted some other functionality so i bought ECDC5 Platinum. Which brings me to the dificulties I’ve run into.First of all, Roxio and Acer seem to be playing pass the buck with me stuck in the middle. Following Roxio’s posted intructions and after after throughly uninstalling EDCD4 etc. I began the Platinum install and recieved the error message"Error1316-a network error occured while attempting to read from the file" Q:\ECDC5.msi". I can’t find any info on Roxio’s boards( they are a rude bunch over there). Any way I need to find someone that could give a girl a few pointers?Can any one help? Thanks.

Some questions.
What Operating system are you running?? Was it working before you installed EZ 5?? and the last question, you mentioned it had a network error?, thats the error correct ?? I am going to try and see if I can any references to it…

I have Win98se running on a packard-bell w/ a AMD K6-2 500, 128 megs of RAM,allstock. Yes all the functions on the ECDC 4.02 worked just fine. The error message I mentioned in the first post was verbatim. I have tryed twice now to install platinum 5 and I recieved exactly the same message several into the install. Thank you for replying

Did you uninstall Directcd 301? I saw something earlier about if it was still there, the installation would stop.
Make sure after you uninstall that you go into program files and make sure that the folders are gone.

I havent found anything on this error with ezcd5 yet,
but I will keep looking