ECDC timer




I have ECDC 4 Basic and the following problem:after I start the burning process the timer that shows how much time is left until the cd is created , decreases or increases by 20 or 30 seconds even minutes.The cd is burned ok(i think) but this thing worries me.I have an lg writer and this thing didn’t happen until 2 weeks ago.With other programs like Clonecd or Stomp Record Max this thing doesn’t happen at all.Is my writer damaged?



ECDC 4 Basic

OMG! Get something decent like Nero Burning Rom. As for your LG, better hope the warranty is still good but I doubt it is damaged if your CDs burn fine.


Your writer is not broken at all, This is purely an issue with ECDC.

Just a guess, but I think that your computer is too busy doing other stuff (burning the cd, surfing the net, whatever) and is not giving enough time to ECDC to calculate the time properly.

The same happens on my PC when I’m encoding video, if I’m doing something else at the same time then the estimated time jumps around all over the place, but when I leave it alone it sorts itself out within a couple of minutes.


I’m mot doing anytihng when I burn the cd.Also in the system tray
there is nothing but the volume from the sound card. I defragmented the hard-disk but still the same computer has a 1Ghz Amd athlon,256 Mb SDRAM,40 GB Wd.


It must just be bad coding of the program, as your computer has more than enopugh for the task. Personally I would not worry about it too much as long as your discs are burned ok.


I think too it’s a bug.But why does it happens only to me?ECDC was running O.K. and suddenly the timer it’s gone mad.I don’t get it.If it’s a bug shouldn’t be there from the first running of the program?
P.S.Sorry for my poor English.