ECDC 6 and recorded music cds

I hope somebody can help me with this little annoyance. I’ve uninstalled ECDC 5 and installed ECDC 6 and now any music cds that I have recorded in the past won’t play on my cdrom. The cdrom just keeps reading for awhile (4 min), once done if I click on it it says no cd in drive. I have no problem with data cds or original music cds. Also my cdrw has no problem with any of above. If I uninstall ECDC 6 then my cdrom reads recorded music cds fine. Can I change only the cdrom driver somehow? Maybe import it from ECDC 5? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My system specs: win xp, cpu 1.9 Mhz, 512 rdram,
plextor 12/10/32 scsi cdrw, nec 40x scsi cdrom,
2 - 18 gigs scsi harddrives, 29160 adaptec controller card, geforce4 vid. card.

were these recorded as regular audio cds or were they mp3s written with direct cd?

They were recorded as regular audio cds.

Does EZCD 6 allow overburning ?

And how does it compare to Nero ?

ecdc6 does not support over burning as of right now, but it might with 6.1 which should come out shortly:cool:

you need to uninstall easy cd creator, open the registry editor and under hklocalmachine\system\currentcontrolset\control\class look for a folder that starts with 4d36e965****, double click on this folder, look to the right pane of windows and remove lower and upper filters, exit out of the registry editor, restart computer, then try reading cds without installing creator if it works, then reinstall ecdc;)