ECC setting on NEC 3520A?

I noticed many ppl post Nero CD Speed Quality Test reports for NEC 3520A. Some stating 1 ECC or 8 ECC. Can someone pls tell me how to choose 1 ECC or 8 ECC for scanning? Thanks!

You have to add a key to the registry to select it, it should default to 8ECC. The detailed information on how to do it is posted at the top of the 1UC firmware thread in a quote I believe.

Found it, thanks a lot!

I think you should use 1 ECC. If you use 8 ECC then you cannot see the difference between 8 consecutive single PI failures (probably not a problem) and a single spike of 8 PI failures somewhere within those 8 ECC blocks (possibly a bad thing). Perhaps you could choose to use 8 ECC to be able to compare with other drives that use 8 ECC, although I think a good comparision of PI/PIF scores between different drives is not possible.
(Please correct me if I’m wrong)

I couldn’t agree more!

Use 1 ECC scanning to get the most precise result. This is also the correct method accordig to ECMA standards.

Even though you may think you can compare scanning results done at 8 ECC on a NEC drive with those on a BenQ drive (which always uses 8 ECC), you really can’t because the two drives won’t read the same disc the same way.

Thanks all for these valuable information. Just set the Nero CD Speed to do 1 ECC and scanned some discs. Now, I think I will spend most time in scanning, instead of burning. lol.