Ecc geheugen nodig voor athlon?



Volgens (DE sponsor dus!) en je kijkt bij geheugenprijzen, dan blijkt daaruit dat de lekker goedkope chip van 128 MB PC-100 niet geschikt is (wil zijn) voor de Athlon… alleen de Pentium II/III scheen er mee overweg te kunnen??? Maar is dit waarheid of een tikfout van hun in de site??? Graag antwoord, want volgens mij heb je ook helemaal geen PC-133 geheugen nodig voor de Athlon en met ECC is al gauw 100 pieken duurder…

Gtx. RoB


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PC-100 RAM is for an Athlon, you don’t need PC-133. However the cheapest RAM at funprice is probably from a very poor quality and therefor might not be good for Athlon. You can buy any PC-100 RAM for an Athlon, but if they are labelled so cheap it must be poor quality.
Funprice probably tested it and because of the poor quality the RAM wasn’t stable on Athlon motherboards and was on intel-based motherboards.
This only has something to do with quality, normal PC-100 RAM should work fine.



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I Know, My English is’nt so poor, but I’m posting in the forum right before, and that’s an completely Dutch Forum, so that’s why my language isn’t switched at that time…!

But, returning to this topic, You say that Funprice sells cheap fucked-up memory?? So, I better but elsewhere?? Or what?? Who sells garbage at this time??? I Hope other shops aren’t … but we can only guesss…

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I checked again at FUNPRICE: It said: 128 MB PC 100 (A-KWALITEIT…) ??? What the fuCK A- Quality???