Ecc/Edc Errors, the less the better or the other way around

First of all, hello, congratulations for this great website, and thanks to those in charge of it and to whom participate in this forum sharing their experiences.

Now to the point.
When backuping a certain safedisc 3.20 protected videogame, I have observed the following.
If I use my dvd drive to create the image, Blindread logs 99 Ecc/Edc Errors encountered.
When using my dvd writer to dump the cd to hard drive, it just logs 53.

The image is created successfully in both cases,
but can I infer that my dvd writer reads better than my dvd drive because it encounters encounters less errors? Or it’s just the other way around?

Could it simply be that blindread uses a veiled sector scanning that works better with the burner than with the dvd drive?