EC investigates European high DVD prices



I just posted the article EC investigates European high DVD prices.

Most European will know that CD’s/DVD’s are much cheaper in the USA, and that these things are not only cheaper because of taxes etc. The European Comission is now investigating if there is enough…

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as long as dvds cant be coppied on a dvd-r with a decent price I dont need dvd... I dont think this investiagtion will help anything…because the cd prices also are so high from the beginning…


Do you think that DVD blank media is really that expensive to manufacture? It is just a piece of plastic made with modified stamping equipment. I think prices will go down soon… In about 2 years! CD-R’s used to cost like 3 dollars a piece when they just had the 1X recorders. Now they’re 100 blanks for 29 US dollars.


I would like to say CD-R’s used to cost a helluva lot more then 3 bux a pop… more like 12-14 when there was the shortage back in 95-96… hell I bought a 100 cd’s back in late 96 for a little UNDER 700 dollars. all prices are USD of course


It’s all a matter of time…be patient! :wink: