EBC*L Software Securom 7 Copy w/o Emulation Problem

Hi guys!

I have massive Problems copying a learning software cd. It’s protected by securom 7.000.005.
I need it to operate without emulation. I tried to follow the tutorial for copying securom w/o emulation but I ended up only with failures although Iso’s are working alright in a virtual drive.

Is there any other way to copy such a cd? Or extract the data otherwise?I m greatfull for any suggestions.

I guess theres nothing I can do then, lol

If you’re drives aren’t capable of starting (nonstandard) Twinpeak copies you need
to stick with the virtual drive or try the emulated way - namely RMPS.

Is there a index of (nonstandard) capable drives?

Afaik there’s no index.
Some years ago LiteOn drives were known to be very tolerant when it comes to Twinpeak copies.
But i can’t suggest any current drive to be suitable.

May i ask why you need it to operate without emulation ?

Its for my class mates. the school wont pay for the software, they only have one copy which I copied for my self and my classmates are retards which have no clue what a VD or iso is lol