EBAY TaiyoYuden 8x +R 100pk for $30 delivered?



Hi all. I just ordered a set of these. He says he is closing them out. has 100% feedback. 19.99 + shipping?!?
Just search ebay for Yuden DVD 100 8x and you will see it easily. a very fair price, and he has a photo. If it turns out to be real(Ill know in a few days) he has 5 more spools left and those hunting for genuine Ty media may do well with it.

See, I coulda bought them all myself(Greedy bastard I am!)…but I only need 100 for a years worth…so share the wealth if it seems good. (Presuming it turns out as it should). enjoy


I can get certified TY for the same amount from Supermedia or Shop4tech, why should I buy from ebay with buyers known for fake media?


Supermedia store is $39.99 +shipping for a 100pk of 8x+R’s about $47.00 out the warehouse. If they are real, this is a very good deal. Of course, probably could wait a week or 2 and the Sony MIJ’s may be on sale again somewhere for $14.99/50pk, but to each his own.


I’d be wary of eBay sellers…but to each their own in this regards.


As would I. There are so many fakes running around out there, that you could end up getting something completely different. At least when I order unbranded TY from one of the e-tailers, I know what I am getting.


definitely post back when you receive them and let us know if they’re real.

everyone is right that TYs on sale are just as affordable as anywhere else, but I’m finding it very difficult to find rebranded TYs in B&M stores around here and when was the last time you saw +R go on sale online? it’s always the -Rs!


A few ebay sellers have genuine TY’s but some like silver-tek_media_store sell fakes.


The +R very hardly ever go on sale online and most of the time its not free shipping like the -R. Since most of the media online retailers are in california i always have to add tax. Its easier and cheaper for me to walk over to staples & price match.

So if they are genuine then its a good deal. I might just make a purschase. If I do, that would be two media purchased online in the same year… very rare in my case :slight_smile:


Most of the TY sellers I’ve seen on ebay seem to overcharge on shipping – I just shipped a 100 pack spindle of TDK’s via priority mail and it cost me ~$9 to do it, not the $16+ that they are charging. I hate it when people try to make money on shipping/handling. :frowning:


OK, heres a good question. All my previous media has been generic junk from frys, or Ty Fuji/Sony’s from sales at BB or CC or wherever.
I am absolutely sure Ive got no experience with a FAKE TY? How do I test it (It should show up tomorrow) so I can post results? aside from a media code scan (Which I expect can be false at tyme of manufacture) what else is there to check for on a clear box of media? (I miss the days of the fujis and sonys with the particular wrapper cues, white/grey sponges. Lyfe was so much easier when it was so much harder).
Let me know and Ill be sure to check when they arrive.


do a search on the forum for taiyo yuden serial numbers.

genuione TY will have serial numbers beginning with a specific sequence of letters (i think it’s either GG or TYG or something…i don’t know, but i know it’s been discussed on here before)

i think the serial numbers are the best way of telling…and of course the way they perform on your burner compared to other TY media that you have had experience with…


They make the profit on the shipping and handling. I wouldn’t buy 1 disc on Ebay.


Until paypal starts including the shipping as part of the % they get on the transaction
this will continue to be a problem and I doubt they will change it because of legitimate
shipping charges that are not inflated.

I have bought media on eBay before but now it just doesn’t make sense, everyone is charging way to much, and you never know for sure what your getting.

I can get it on sale each week nowdays.


Reasons is right on using to numbers on the disc to verify (they are found along the inner hub).

The -R 8x will have a GG00#### serial code/batch #/lot # (no one on here seems to really know what it actually is). The +R 8x will start with TG.


OK, they arrived overnite! I havent made it home yet so Ill test a disc or 2 tonite against my known Fuju MIJs. But they have the number(backwards thru the package as its on the dye side I guess?) TG001133 visible on the top disc. Its what appears to be a sealed cakebox and says THAT’S DVD+R FOR PREMIUM INSPECTION. DVD+R47PG1 1x-8x speed and at the bottom TAIYO YUDEN MADE IN JAPAN.(Fabrique au Japon).

I browsed the media forum, and alot of discussions there about fake tys by retail BRAND(Hyundai for example), but few threads mention discs that are sold AS boxed retail TY’s? Do these sound possible? I debated buying another spool to be set forever, but I have 140 left, and that should be all I need for the forseeable future…at least till BluRay or HD are the new standard.


serial numbers sound good. definitely update us when you burn/scan one and let us know how it goes.

i just checked on ebay and shipping to me is $16 :frowning:

i’ll have to check if it’s cheaper to send them to my parents haha


“Thats” is TY’s own name brand. Those should be top of the line quality discs. That’s also a batch number that I have on some TDK branded T02’s that I bought at BB earlier this week, and most of them have burnt with less than 100 PIF.

If I didn’t have enough of these to last me 2 years, I would definitely buy some of them.


The reason I ended here and making this my first post is because I bought 200 TY 02 from them and they are giving me more problems (at least with games) than any other discs in the history of my burning experience. :a

I was wondering if it was my Pioneer DVR08 with modified firmware (Gradius) is the problem or if I just got fakes as dvddecrypter and nero identifies them as TY 02.

How can I test them to prove the quality?

Sorry for my bad english :frowning:


from who did you buy them? silver-tek?

check the serial numbers as described earlier in this thread. if the serials don’t match, i’d report the seller on ebay or at the very least send a nasty email.


yep from them. ill check the serials