Ebay question: how much is something worth?

Sorry this is off topic: I am trying to find the best way to get a proper value of stuff being put on ebay. Is the best way simply to look at “finished auctions” or are there services. These are both electronics and thing I’ve had since childhood?

Check out the same items on different websites. If you can get it new from a retailer check out that price too.

Check out finished auctions to see what it sold for. Remember to check postage as most ebayers will put a low starting price on it but a higher postage cost so that there don’t have to pay ebay as much.

Finally how much do you want for it. Put it on ata price you are happy with. If it dosn’t sell but you still want to get rid of it then lower the price.

IIRC, ebay often lets you relist items that don’t sell with little or no relisting fee. So don’t be afraid to aim high if you’re willing to wait a few auction cycles. It may be a minimum of 2 or 3 relistings though- so do some more research and don’t quote me on it.