Ebay Negative Feedback Rule Violations

Hi gals and guys. I need some opinions here. I recently purchased 2 items off ebay that was listed as “Item works great and in original box” according to the seller’s product description. I received the items, and one of the items didn’t work. The items were 4-port and 7-port 2.0 Usb Belkin Hubs. The 4-port wasn’t even recognized by any of my pcs. The 7-port hub worked. The 7-port was missing the user manual, usb cable, and power adapter. Tickle me silly here. But, doesn’t “in original box” generally refer to the product as being complete with all accessories. Even if it wasn’t, the seller didn’t bother to mention that it was indeed missing the manual, usb cable, and power adapter. I feel that this seller was vague and dishonest in the product description. Oh! I had to use the 4-port usb cable and power adapter to hook up the working 7-port hub.

The dispute goes ever further. As a result of my dissatisfaction with the seller’s dishonesty and a defective product, I feel that I was justified in leaving the seller a negative feedback. Soon after, I noticed that the seller left me a negative comment. I had been perfect before this. I can’t help but wonder that this seller left me the negative comment just to get back at me and for no other good reasons. I sent an email to Ebay’s customer service recently disputing the negative feedback and demanded its removal. I haven’t heard back yet.

Ebay doesn’t investigate unwarranted or retailatory feedbacks left by other ebay members. However, the seller still went wrong by clearly stating that “The item works great and in original box.” This if I correctly recall is a violation of Ebay’s product listing policy. I took this seller’s product description as the truth, and the seller sold me a defective item.

Based on these above arguments, what should I continue to do just in case the negative feedback isn’t removed based on Ebay’s own investigation of the dispute? What legal grounds and methodologies should I be aware of that are in accordance with Ebay’s policies? I feel that my honesty was taken for a ride here. This seller needs to be punished to the fullest without having to go to court. I need suggestions and opinions of tactics, contacts, etc… that I can use to communicate with Ebay. Things that can firmly support my case and make it appear important to Ebay.

Thanks everyone! Later.


Assuming that you gave complete details of the transaction in your negative feedback, what else do you think that you can do about it but accept it.

You did not say what feedback the person gave you except that it was negative.

If it was untruthful, you could give further negative feedback to him or her disputing the veracity of the stated feedback directed at you.

Here’s a copy/paste of the seller’s product description:

  • This item works great and is in it’s original box. The photo above is the item you are bidding on. Not Happy? Send it back within 7 days for your money back ! (Except on SOLD AS IS Items i.e. Software, Media, Ink & Toner. Please see the RETURNS Section on this auction for more info.)

Here’s what the seller left as feedback for me:
Negative feedback rating Condition/Terms are CLEARLY stated in every Auction Seller bargaindepot04 ( 69809Feedback score is 50,000 to 99,999) Mar-25-05 16:10 5176225922

Now, I could careless about the negative feedback, I’m more concern about the dishonesty of this seller. If the items weren’t defective, why would I want to complain. Read the product description yourself and you’ll see that the description clearly states “- This item works great and is in it’s original box.” Well, obviously something is wrong here, since I’m complaining now. The item shipped to me defective contrary to the seller’s product description. Anyhow, I’m having this seller investigated for product listing violation. BTW: The product listed wasn’t “Sold As Is.” I clearly read that part as well before making the purchase. I’m also in the process of RMA the defective hubs as well. If you go and read the recent negative feedbacks left for this particular seller, you’ll notice a trend of people complaining along the same lines of “Product arrived, but doesn’t work or is defective.” I thought that a positive feedback of 92% for a seller was acceptable. I guess I was mistaken.

And for those that think that I’m just being a bitch about it all, please keep whatever you have to say to yourselves! If you have nothing of what could be termed “sensible or intelligent” to say, please have the decency to refrain yourselves from posting. I want only to hear from people who can offer insights not criticism. This conversation was only intended as a discussion for help from people who are willing to help rather than criticize. Please don’t read more into it than this!!! If there’s nothing more that I can possibly do, then that’s fine as well. I’ll move on. That’s all. Yes! I understand the world is full of criminals and other sorts of bad people. Sh*t happens! My conversations are within perspective. If you have a lot of money then you wouldn’t care if an item was shipped to you defective, because you could generally just buy another one. Well, for us poorer folks, arguments and means of bargaining are at least some ways of getting things to go in our favors. That’s not much to ask.

Again, thanks for any help. Later. :slight_smile:


I think that an RMA of the defective merchandise is in order.

I would not be pleased with the constant company of items that had an emotional stigma attached.

Satisfication is important. :slight_smile:

If the seller is dishonest what chance have you of getting your money back…

I may have missed this point, but did you ask if the seller would give you a refund for the defective product in exchange for you sending it back to him / her?

Items can get damaged in transit…and so become faulty…therefore i’d always give the benfeit of the doubt, as long as the seller agreed to a full refund (including shipping costs) without any fuss. Then there is no need for negative feedback on either side. :slight_smile: You cannot be sure the seller was being dishonest in the description.

Of course, if the seller refused to refund your money, then i would think you are justified in your dis-satisfaction.

The person you have a disagreement with should always be contacted first before any negative feedback is posted. I have had a buy go wrong and we were able to solve it without any negative feedback on either side. It should only be given as a last resort.

I agree. In any event, you can always respond to the negative feedback left for you.

Of course, it’s in my nature to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But, I’m trying very hard not to get burned. I’ve been burned several times in the past for being honest. It’s an achilles heel. I always contact the seller first to make arrangements to rma or get my money back before leaving negative feedbacks. The seller hasn’t responded via phone or email. I’m afraid that I’ve been burned again with my luck lately. As far as exchanging feedback replys, that really doesn’t help much when everyone is likely to interpret the replies in different ways. I’m the one at a loss. I’m getting sick of all of these asshles who go about ripping people off by pretending to be legitimate. It’s to the point that I demand some satisfaction. Ebay Security and PayPal have been contacted. We’ll see what they have to say. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. In the past, Ebay just responds with a bunch of useless rhetorics. I have little faith in Ebay and how they handle their security issues. Don’t get me wrong, I like using Ebay, but improvements in security is likely in order for such a large auctioneer.

I’ll just be a man now and suck it up. Enough words have been wasted on this topic. Thanks for everyone’s suggestion. My bucket of emotional stigma has dried up. Time to go. Again, thanks! :slight_smile:


Good job of venting and now getting ready to put the negative experience behind you.

If you feel their negative feedback was unwarranted and only done in retaliation to your negative feedback, you can contact SquareTrade. They may be able to remove the feedback.

You can get feedback mutually withdrawn, and possibly other ways if you really feel like it was unwarranted as you tried to get ahold of him to get a replacement/refund. The add said in original box but didn’t say anything about includes all accesories so it’s kinda a grey area. I usually contact them if I think it might be a omision thing or it just doesn’t feel right. BUT no matter what about accesories it should at least work as stated, it doesn’t appear to say as is anywhere in that one. Try agin to contact him and get a replacement and get both your feedbacks withdrawn if he’s willing to work it out now.

Did you pay for this item thru paypal? You can file a buyer protection dispute thru them or squaretrade. As far as the feedback you can try to get it mutually removed afterwards. Ebay also has a resolution and dispute area. Good luck, Giggles

I always check the feedback on a seller before I bid on an auction. This seller has a 92.1 percent positive feedback percentage. You might view anything over a 90 as an “A”, but I don’t bid on anyone’s stuff if they don’t have a 99 or higher. Almost eight out of every hundred buyers are unhappy with him and that doesn’t include the ones who don’t post feeback.

giggles_1963 is on the right track here.
I sell antiques on ebay and snipe them also. So I buy alot and have been through it all. Like don’t pack it right , charge me insurance, don’t put insurance on package arrive broke. Then won’t answer email, even when I send pic of broke item. I have won these through PayPal. If you pay through paypal you have a good chance at seeing your money.
As a seller I have a Business verified account with them to transfer money to my account he will too.
If you file a complaint 2 to 4 weeks and plead your case and they agree. They will snatch his money or pay themselves and take his later to honor your complaint.
The (file a buyer protection dispute through eBay) has dollar values and limits. Paypal is the way to go.
As a seller I don’t like paypal. Not because of reasons above but I pay all there FEES you don’t, so if you by on eBay use PayPal a eBay company!