Ebay item question!

what do you think guys about this item ?
should i buy it now and get the fre ps1 and those nice games or i shall only bid to take the gameboy only ?
Need youre oppinion fast guys
the shipping also seems reasonable to me !

i would have to say which is more important to you?

so your willing to spend…the 130 for an outdated game system…oh wait…for 2 outdated systems…

gezzeeee i can sell ya my ps2 and ps1 for 500 bucks with some old lame ass games …too lol

i think the GBA is not that cheap! actuali is veryy expensive, considering only two of the games are GBA games :Z

yeah but for that money you get 2 systems and 10 games witch if you buy them separatley it would cost about at least 15-20 each +shipping
Also it has the game boxex witch i love to have!
Anyway if i want only the gba what is the maximum i should bid for it ?